K-12 Product Information

K-12 Indian, Inc. (“K-12”) develops products and services for school districts that provide:

  • Simplified web-based entry of all federal and state Special Education data
  • Automatic reporting for all data required by state and federal regulatory agencies
  • Library of standards based IEP Goals and Objectives which can be modified for your district
  • Cost efficient, time saving technologies to minimize redundant administrative tasks
  • Optional automated interface to existing school district’s information systems
  • Compliance with all government regulatory requirements
  • Cross Platform products work on Windows PC’s and Macs
  • Unlimited telephone and email customer support

K-12’s proven products are hosted and delivered to any Internet connected Windows and/or Apple computers. You choose the levels of protection, connectivity and access according to your district technology standards. As Education data continues to move toward minimizing paper flow and maximizing secure automated exchange of information, K-12 provides the path with modular, crossplatform functionality enabling your staff to connect to the data safely, with a variety of devices from multiple locations.

K-12 Products include:

RoundUp – to manage, analyze and report information for Special Education students from PK through grade 12
IEP.web – to allow counselors, teachers and staff to easily manage the IEP forms process from any Internet connected computer
HostLink – to automate the synchronization of data from District registration systems to RoundUp

RoundUp is a data management product used to store and report information for children serviced by the Special Education function of the school district. The system provides all of the information required by the state and federal education agencies with automated reporting capabilities to reduce the effort and the cost while improving the accuracy of timely reporting. RoundUp maintains and reports data on PPT’s, IEP’s, Referrals, Services, Grants, CMT and CAPT.

RoundUp was developed with the collaboration of Special Education professionals from school districts with a wide range of enrollment, technology capacity and experience with Special Education. Over the past decade, RoundUp has advanced in capacity and ease of use with valuable insight from people who depend on its use to reduce the stress and increase the productivity associated with their positions.

Create Timely Budget Reports – Provide your Business Manager, Superintendent and BOE with Special Education related budget data as needed to promote fiscal responsibility. RoundUp offers acore set of reports that can be modified to suit your district requirements, as well as the ability to create custom reports.

IEP.web is an application accessible on any Internet connected computer used by PPT/IEP staff members.